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Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Los Angeles in 2022

Looking to go on an epic night out at one of the best nightclubs in Los Angeles? We got you covered. From swanky exclusive nightclubs to massive warehouse-style venues – Los Angeles is home to some of the top nightclubs in the nation. Here are the ten best ones that you MUST check out.

Unlike other cities, Los Angeles does sleep, with most clubs and bars closing at 2am. However, that does not mean that the city’s nightlife is not as lively as it is in other fast-paced locales. There are places to party past midnight all over town which offer live music, thumping mixes spun by DJs, and even a killer warehouse party every now and then. No matter which club you end up at, keep your eyes open for sighting an A-list partygoer or guest at the venues, for this is the home of Hollywood’s royalty and you never know when a celebrity or two might go dancing past.

Enjoy our list of the top ten clubs in LA. Keep in mind there’s well over 100 different venues in Los Angeles. No need to feel overwhelmed, we built a spent over a million dollars making a free mobile app that lets you keep track of everything and gives you the tools you need to get in, either through a free guest list, discounted tickets or by booking a VIP table. Download Discotech for free now.

Warwick (Hollywood)

Beautiful inside view of Warwick in Los Angeles

Warwick is That LA Nightclub You’ll Fall In Love With – If You Can Afford It

Looking for a posh, classy, rustic-looking nightclub with a sophisticated crowd? Warwick should be your go-to spot from now on. With a “bottle service only” rule, most of the crowd at Warwick will be dressed to impress: you’ll often find men dressed in suits and ladies in trendy & classy outfits. And if you’re a long time partying Angeleno, you might have known Warwick as Club L before the venue rebranded. The club is located in a warehouse made up of exposed brick, fireplaces, and unfinished ceilings which give it a rough and indie feel but offers a killer beverage selection. At Warwick, you’ll be able to enjoy your VIP experience while sipping seasonal craft cocktails made with high quality alcohol and ingredients. 

Academy (Hollywood)

Massive party with DJ at Academy in Los Angeles

Academy… Insomniac’s mega-club for world-class EDM DJs

The location boasts some of the largest and biggest names in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene. At the Academy, you’ll be able to experience the work of Insomniac, the same company that is known for creating the biggest Las Vegas EDM festival: Electric Daisy Carnival / EDC. If you want to enjoy a night where you can just dance with loud bass-pumping music without having to worry about refinement the Academy sounds like the right place for you. The venue has a huge indoor dance floor, as well as a spacious outdoor patio area for people who need a minute to decompress or chill.  Academy is also open past 2 AM, though the venue stops serving alcohol at that time and is strict about taking away any unfinished bottles from VIP tables. Check upcoming events to see who’s spinning, and sign up for free/discounted guest lists!

Exchange (Downtown)

DJ Stage and dance floor at Exchange LA

Formerly a Stock Exchange Building. Now? The Best EDM Night in Downtown LA

Located where the Los Angeles Stock Exchange used to be, Exchange LA enjoys paying homage to the opulent past of the 1920-30s with a focus on rich Art Deco styling. The historic location was remodeled into a four-story party hotspot that can hold up to 1,500 guests in the service bars and rooms that span its 25,000 square feet space. With state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems as well as an enormous LED screen, Exchange LA’s set-up is ideal for nights of EDM revelry. Often open past 2 AM on weekends (they still cut off alcohol sales at 2 AM), Exchange is a great place for guests who are looking to get more action out of their night. The sister club to Academy, Exchange is the home to internationally renowned DJs including Alan Walker, Dubfire, Don Diablo, Gareth Emery, Tritonal, and many more, Exchange LA is the prime destination for EDM lovers. Get on the app to sign up for the free/discounted guest lists that are often available!

Elevate Lounge (Downtown)

Table booths at Elevate Lounge. High floor bar lounge in Downtown LA

Elevate Lounge is Where You Go to Let Loose While Enjoying a Crazy View

Located 21 floors up in a high-rise building in the middle of Downtown Los Angeles, Elevate Lounge offers a bar, dance club, and corporate event space for its clients. At Elevate Lounge the focus is on the view, and you will certainly be able to have the unique experience of being to feel like you were out in the open with its large exposed patio and minimalistic architectural elements of glass and chrome. The DJs here are typically “open-format”, and will play a mix of top 40’s, hip hop, latin, and EDM – so there is something for everyone. The massive venue features a large open dance floor that is surrounded by VIP booths and more private lounges. At Elevate Lounge you’ll be able to enjoy the view of the Los Angeles skyline while also being able to party it up.Elevate Lounge is hands down the best place to party with a view in Los Angeles. Imagine being inside the 21st Floor penthouse with a unique open air patio and a breathtaking view of the city with bumping music all night long. This is a massive club with a cool downtown / hipster crowd – come for the view, stay for the party.

Nightingale (West Hollywood)

Inside view of booths at a chic night club in West Hollywood called Nightingale

Want to Go to the Most Beautiful Nightclub in Los Angeles? Of Course You Do.

Created by SBE group, a company known for its unique and upscale bars and nightclubs, Nightingale Plaza combines elegance with technology creating a modern feeling environment where its guests can enjoy themselves. Previously named Greystone Manor, Nightingale is sectioned off into four distinct spaces: a high-energy main room, two interior lounges, full bars, and a garden oasis. Nightingale Plaza is one of the most Instagram-able nightclubs in Los Angeles, so be sure to bring your cameras. Given the exclusive nature of the venue, bottle service is the best way to get into the club and its strict dress code is on the same scale as the other clubs in the city, so be sure to dress to impress to blend in with the sophisticated crowd you’d expect in Hollywood.

Sound (Hollywood)

Marcus Schulz plays at Sound in LA Hollywood

SOUND is Synonym to Minimal, Deep House, Techno, And All That Good Stuff

esigned with the aim of always bringing a novel and evolving nightlife experience in Hollywood, Sound is the place to be if you’re more interested in purely enjoying yourself rather than going at the same beat as everyone else. The venue is focused on a more “underground” sound rather than the mainstream dance, hip-hop, & Top 40 that you can find in many other nightclubs. At Sound, the focus is on partying and music, and not as much on the “be seen” culture of glitzy Hollywood. Sound features many of the leading house, techno, and deep-house DJs from around the world including Nora En Pure, Sonny Fodera, Carl Cox, Purple Disco Machine, and Solomun. If you’re into trying something new and different just for the experience, Sound is the place to be for a wild night of fun! Free or discounted guest list often available here.

Hyde Sunset (West Hollywood)

Inside view of club restaurant called Hyde Sunset in West Hollywood

Hyde Sunset is a Restaurant + Nightlife Venue – Done Right

Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails is another venue under SBE Group, but here you’ll find the beautiful hybridization between food and partying. Hyde Sunset places a focus on combining its amazing Californian cuisine with revelry, creating an environment where you are able to enjoy great food as you enjoy your night out. At Hyde, neither the quality of dining nor nightlife is sacrificed, and the guests are able to go back and forth between eating, drinking, and dancing between the kitchen, patio, and nightclub portion which features numerous tables with bottle service. Another exclusive Hollywood favorite of ours that features a beautiful and sophisticated crowd, bottle service is often recommended to maximize the experience here.

Doheny Room (West Hollywood)

Inside view of chic club in West Hollywood called Doheny Room

Just Another Celebrity Hangout Spot?
Nah, Doheny Room Also has Amazing Food and Unique Decor

Doheny Room is yet another locale under the immensely talented SBE Group, but like with the others, this place is also unique and novel. The Room was inspired by traditional South Western beauty and Art Deco, inviting its guests into a space that feels quintessentially Californian. Divided into two floors, the guests are able to enjoy the welcoming and posh restaurant on the ground floor and the eclectic dance lounge upstairs. The menu features dishes from both Krispy Rice sushi bar and Umami Burger kitchen as well as a variety of delicious cocktails. Known for drawing in a sophisticated crowd with its great food and atmosphere, Doheny Room is the place to be.

Avalon (Hollywood)

Dance floor view of Avalon in Los Angeles

The EPIC Historic Nightclub on Vine Street That Is Probably Older Than You Are

Located on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, Avalon is conveniently located in the middle of Hollywood’s tourist area. This historic venue first opened its doors in 1927 and has featured talented and famous entertainment for decades, from the Beatles playing their first West Coast performance to now having DJs superstars like Tiesto, Skrillex, and Swedish House Mafia play on different nights. This historic nightclub was the first in Los Angeles to truly embrace dance music, even before the EDM craze.  What is unique about Avalon is that it is often open past 6 AM, making it the premier destination for people looking to extend their partying session or for night owls looking for an after-party location. Tickets or bottle service are highly recommended here,  especially to see the popular DJs. We also have a discounted guest list on many nights.

Los Angeles Nightclubs FAQ

What time do Los Angeles nightclubs usually open?

Nightclubs in Los Angeles usually open around 10:00 PM to 10:30 PM. If you want to avoid lines, we recommend arriving by 10:00 PM.

What time do Los Angeles nightclubs typically close?

Most Los Angeles nightclubs will close at 2:00AM.

What time does the headlining DJ usually come in in Los Angeles nightclubs?

The headlining DJ usually comes on around 12:00 AM.

How long do DJs play in Los Angeles?

The headlining DJ or artist usually plays a 1 to 2 hour set.

What is the dress code like at Los Angeles clubs?

For guys, we suggest to play it safe – wear collared shirts, nice jeans, dress shoes. If you’re getting bottle service, you can get away with a more casual look (blazer + tshirt, etc). The dress code for girls is less strict but every nightclub is different. For nightclubs that are on the elegant side, most girls will be wearing heels and dresses.

How can I get into Los Angeles nightclubs for free?

Some Los Angeles clubs have a free guest list, some have a discounted list. Keep in mind that many Los Angeles nightclubs are more exclusive and require bottle service to get in. You can sign up for the guestlist using our free mobile app.

How can I book bottle service for Los Angeles nightclubs?

You can book table service using our free mobile app. Or, if you’re on desktop you can use our webapp.

How much is bottle service at Los Angeles nightclubs?

Table minimums can get pretty expensive, but every nightclub is different. There’s two tiers for average bottle price: for most nightclubs, it’s $300 per bottle. For high end clubs, it’s $500 per bottle.

Should I buy tickets to Los Angeles nightclubs?

If the nightclub has tickets, we recommend buying tickets during holiday weekends and for big name artist. The ticket line is generally faster and shorter than the guestlist. Many nightclubs in Los Angeles are bottle service only – meaning you must book a table reservation in order to get inside.

Which Los Angeles nightclubs play Hip-Hop?

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Which Los Angeles nightclubs play Electronic Dance Music (EDM)?

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